quinta-feira, 23 de fevereiro de 2017

MUSCLECHOO - SIDE STORY FILE 001 - TRUMP CARD ::: recomended by Mr. Marko Turunen

After finding an underwater base at Water Moon Sigma 14-B, Musclechoo goes inside and loses contact with Iris and then it starts to get really weird…

Musclechoo makes a comeback on a new book drawn between August 2014 and December 2016. For fans of Fort ThunderGhost in the Shell and Trading Card Games
80 pages. 16x21cm.
Offset printing. Perfect bound.
333 copies.
Co-published by Chili Com Carne and Ruru Comix.
Supported by IPDJ.
Buy @ Chili Com Carne online shop, Ruru Comix, Letra LivreBdMania, Linha de Sombra, Tasca Mastai, Artes & Letras, Tigre de Papel, Mundo Fantasma, Utopia, Fatbottom Books, Black Mamba, Inc, Matéria Prima, FNAC and Bertrand.

Se (...) Livros de bonecos é que é a vossa cena. Pois bem, não percas tempo. A Chili Com Carne acaba de editar a nova BD de Rudolfo, Trump Card. É o primeiro livro a solo do autor e nele encontram a sua personagem fétiche, Musclechoo, embrenhado numa aventura bem esquisitinha. Como vocês gostam. Ambos os dois. Seus tarados!Vice Portugal 
I already read Musclechoo and liked it. Actually I loved drawings and characters in it. Do you have any idea is it possible to find earlier zines? (...) there is some kind of collection coming but still. I fancy to own those original zines. They are looking really good in photos google found. - Marko Turunen

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