terça-feira, 16 de maio de 2017


Zé Burnay, Rudolfo, André Pereira and Afonso Ferreira are the 4 most active brats from the new Portuguese breed of Comix authors! Yup! They make comics in Portugal (lol).

Tired of wandering around, self-publishing their stuff in puny formats, the Four Horsemen of the APOPcalypse have decided to unite, under the blessing of Chili Com Carne, for a real comics anthology in which they do what they please (as always), but this time in glorious A3 size.

We’re talking about QCDA#1000, of course, that collects four stories of four pages each, with a thematic reach that spreads from existencialist acne prevention to social commentary on the contemporary magical-equestrian society, while also exploring several varieties of necromantic architecture and analyzing the behavior of certain high-ranked officers of the army when confronted with legendary creatures of lore.

This GIANT/size/COMIX/zine was released in Angoumerde Fuck Off 2014 and in Portugal it will be released at Festival Rescaldo.


Full colour cover + 16 pages A3 format
Design: Rudolfo
ISBN: 978-989-8363-23-7
Supported by IPDJ and Wormgod  


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Feedback : I quite enjoyed the QCDA book! Marcel Ruijters (by e-mail)... QCDA project, really cool, love it, huge weird hard to place in your bookshelf but great style and pure comics juice Alberto Corradi (by e-mail)

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