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Break Dance [English press-release]

Break Dance
André Ruivo

28th volume of MMMNNNRRRG, co-published with The Inspector Cheese Adventures
Design: Jorge Silva / Silva Designers
120p A4 full color, 18,5x28,5cm
ISBN: 978-972-8515-31-7

supported by Delta Cafés

cover price: 18€ at Chili Com Carne online shopDesert Island (NY), Le Monte en L'Air (Paris), Neurotitan (Berlin), Quimby's (Chicago), La Central (Spain), Seite Books (Los Angeles), Just Indie Comics (Italy), Le Bal des Ardants (Lyon)...


André Ruivo is back with a third drawing book – if we ignore several more modest volumes in fanzines and author’s editions – this time with MMMNNNRRRG publishing house. The partnership with this publishing house “for rough people only” seems obvious; Ruivo’s drawings explore uncompromised and spontaneous sketches that you find only in Art Brut

In this thick volume, you find dozens of drawings that stumble on Ruivo’s flânerie in London’s streets as well as Ruivo’s aesthetic pleasure with the Yellow Submarine and the mundane Tati-like gestures. That is the reason why every extravagance and absurd finds its place in Ruivo’s checkered and ruled notebooks; from dog-man-dressed-like-it-is-going-to-rain and burkas-for-smokers, to not-really-convincing-swingers, and suspicious-people-pretending-to-cuddle: a multitude of anonymous characters that no one would –ever! – want to meet. 

It might look like a “cool” book but it isn’t! MMMNNNRRRG publishing house only publishes books with bad vibes… maybe this could be our second slogan!

Feedback: I like it a lot. a true/false sketchbook Jean-Christophe Menu (L'Association) ... Ruivo's illustration book's bright coloring is also good to see Harukichi



about the author: 

André Ruivo (1977) lives in Lisbon and works in Illustration and Animation - with a master degree by the Royal College of Art (London). Contributed to Ilustração Portuguesa (Bedeteca de Lisboa; 1998-2004), Mis primeras 80.000 palabras (Media Vaca; 2002) and Futuro Primitivo (Chili Com Carne; 2011). Sometimes he also makes music, his most known project was Rollana Beat.
Ruivo makes zines since 1993 and has three drawings books published so far: Bug (Bedeteca de Lisboa; 2001), Mystery Park (Chili Com Carne + The Inspector Cheese Adventures; 2012), Breakdance (MMMNNNRRRG + The Inspector Cheese Adventures; 2015).

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