quarta-feira, 22 de abril de 2009


Chili Com Carne will be present in Stockholm SPX 2009 (23rd/26th April) with a table selling the best "indie" Portuguese comix and you'll find Marcos Farrajota (editor) and Joana Figueiredo (author) there.

The CHILI COM CARNE association is a non-lucrative young artist's organization, who's functioning is established upon the free and spontaneous cooperation of its members. Since it's foundation in 1995, we have promoted and developed a series of events in the field of the arts, such as the organization of exhibitions and publications. We favour a line of action that privileges the independence of the artist, in the context of the diversity in form and content that shapes the contemporary cultural and artistic scene.
Since 2000, CCC is working mainly in edition:

1. Editing their members work in collective or individual books or zines. CCC publishes literature, comix, illustration and essays, in the following collections: Colecção CCC, dedicated to fragmented books, poetry, (anti)romance, comix (like the Mutate & Survive anthology that published 77 authors from 16 countries), illustration (like João Cabaço scretchbook); Mesinha de Cabeceira ("bedside table" in English), mainly comics, a zine that exist since 1992 with 20 issues published in a permanent mutant change of formats, have published early Portuguese authors, infamous American Mike Diana and other international artists like dice industries (ger), Claudio Parentela (it), Tommi Musturi (fin), Aleksandar Opacic (ser)...; Mercantologia, lost zine reprint collection, comics only until now; THISCOvery CCChannel, Occultural collection - essays, interview and fiction - non-comics - co-edited with Thisco electronic label, with contributions of Hakim Bey, Critical Art Ensemble, Aesthetic Meat Front, Boyd Rice...

2. Supporting other members editorial projects in promotion and distribution like El Pep (Trash comics project of Pepedelrey), Imprensa Canalha (graphzines and illustration books run by José Feitor), MMMNNNRRG (Art Brut comix run by Marcos Farrajota), Opuntia Books (chap books directed by André Lemos), and other zines of our members.

3. Promoting DIY ethos and pathos through our blog chilicomcarne.blogspot.com and co-organizing Feira Laica, a fair that unites the most important independent publishers in Portugal. Most of the time it homage the soviet she-dog blown in space but also the separation of the Church from the State - the first fair was made during the Christmas consumerism frenzy.

Joana Figueiredo (1982, Lisbon) does zines since the late 90's and have works of drawing, illustration and comics published in several books and magazines: Stereoscomics Special SPX (France), Milk+Wodka (Swizerland), Mutate & Survive, Mesinha de Cabeceira, Cabeça de Ferro, Modern Spleen (France) and many others, such as her own publications. She's a member of Association Chili Com Carne and the founder of the extinguished art collective Crime Creme. She is now working on animation movies, fimo toys and comics on a studio in Lisbon shared with another four artists.

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