sábado, 27 de novembro de 2010

CCC Tex not Mex Shows (1) André Lemos

Chili Com Carne with Nevada Hill are organizing a cycle of Portuguese illustration shows in Texas with our artists, here's the first one:

André Lemos (Lisboa, 1971) –Portuguese artist, illustrator, comics author and independent publisher. Has work featured in many solo and collective Portuguese and International publications. Editor of the independent publisher Opuntia Books.

Solo books: Quem É Este Homem?, Super Fight II – George Grosz Vs André Lemos, Tribune Brute, Even Gravediggers Read Playboy, Family Portraits, Cirque Intraveineuse, Word Games – Shaken Not Stirred, O Percutor Harmónico, Embroidered Muscles, Charlottesville’s Preliminary Black Blooming, Dry And Free From Grease, Some Dishonourable Creatures Attacked Us With Rubber Wrenches, Mediaeval Spectres Soaked In Syrup and An Intrusive Black Circle.

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