domingo, 4 de setembro de 2016

TendaGruta em k7 ... finalmente!!!

TendaGruta é um projecto de S.G. e André Coelho que participou na banda sonora do "comix-remix" Futuro Primitivo e que tem agora uma edição física (uma k7) pela Dissociated Records - assim, uma casa paralela da Signal Rex para sons "malaikos":

A new division of Signal Rex devoted to challenging, far-out sounds, Dissociated Records is proud to present Tendagruta's Ensalmo do Sargaço (...) 

Recorded in several locations between 2010 and 2012, Ensalmo do Sargaço gathers several tracks that were dissected and scattered through compilations or presented individually in several occasions and emissions. Across its six sprawling tracks, Tendagruta conjure a completely alien soundworld where vibrations both drift up from the abyss and descend from the cosmos; between those two disparate locales, the tones are minced in a manner most post-industrial. 

The aura thus created by Ensalmo do Sargaço is one of dislocation and disembodiedness, endlessly ringing rituals that penetrate the soul and instill smeared, bleary visions of a past that never existed and a future that already was. 

Of these six sprawls of sinister-yet-sensuous sound, Urfuto Tripimivo was originally published online by Chili ComCarne / You Are Not Stealing Records on the soundtrack compilation for the book Futuro Primitivo in 2011, and Il Culta was originally published on the Aural Bowels CD compilation by Latrina do Chifrudo / Soopa / Let's Go To War in 2010. 

Limited to 50 professional black cassettes, delivered with animal bones, the body has now been reassembled.

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