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Sudarium​-​Wearing Thugs & Krakens (The Inner​-​Ear Tales - One) ESGOTADO

Eles estão aqui! 
Fantasmas de metal, bruxas, krakens... numa massiva colagem sonora de Blunt Instrument, aka, André Lemos
Conhecido pelos seus desenhos de outros mundos, Lemos é também editor da Opuntia Books e esta é a sua primeira edição no mundo do som. 
Um álbum fora-do-tempo-para-o-futuro, reminiscente da abordagem da pilhagem sonora dos anos oitenta e além, agora lançado numa joint venture Black Hole Time Warp + Chili Com Carne.

Edição lançada no dia 8 de Abril de 2022, o álbum Sudarium​-​Wearing Thugs & Krakens (The Inner​-​Ear Tales - One) existe edição limitada de 66 k7s e ilimitada no mundo do digital.


They're here! Metal ghosts, witches, krakens... in a massive sound collage work by Blunt Instrument, aka André Lemos. 
 Known for his other worlds drawings, Lemos is also the publisher of Opuntia Books and this is his first release into the realms of sound. An out-of-time-into-the-future album, reminiscent of the plunderphonics approach of the eighties and beyond, now released in a Black Hole Time Warp + Chili Com Carne joint venture. 

Sudarium​-​Wearing Thugs & Krakens (The Inner​-​Ear Tales - One) is a limited edition of 66 cassettes and an unlimited digital released in April 8, 2022 

André Lemos: computer, field/ home/ street recording, voice, home appliances, miscellaneous editing, mixing... All tracks cut, scavenged, assembled & mixed by André Lemos (Jul. 2020/ Jan. 2022). Original drums on Tara Huma Raz played by Silvestre Lemos. Words on Botanik Ferox and Djinn Enforcer by Nigel McMagan. Drooling Drill first released in Saliva Sonographic Zine #1 (Jul. 2020). Botanik Ferox first released in Saliva Sonographic Zine #2 (Dec. 2021).


 There are various Blunt Instruments, but this particular one is André Lemos (...) Over a period of one-and-a-half years, he worked on the fourteen tracks on his debut cassette and throughout, there is a powerful love for plunderphonics to be noted. Blunt Instrument lifts his sounds left and right, everything from drums, guitars and vocals. The result is a wild mix of sounds, songs, ideas and sketches. Some of these are firmly rooted in Tape-Beatles, Negativland or People Like Us, but Blunt Instrument also takes his inspiration from both industrial music and hip hop. As far as I can judge, Blunt Instrument isn't interested in conveying a political or sociological message. If anything, then the message could very well be that stealing sounds left and right for the benefit of making new music is a great thing. At times I was reminded of DJ T-1-11, a long-forgotten plunderphonic (...) but less dance-oriented. Blunt Instrument, implied by the name, is more about heavy guitar and industrial rhythm. Of course, a few snippets sound familiar, but I just don't seem to remember their title. Thanks, Blunt Instrument, for sticking that in my head! Lovely tape!

This is oddball coming from Portugal, by the hands of illustrator André Lemos. Surrealistic saturated collage of rhythms, vocal samples and random odd sounds that form a wide and sometimes playfull pallette through which Lemos crafts a sonic version of his uncanny illustrations. While listening to this I cannot refrain from thinking about Nurse With Wound as well as some French old school projects such as Brume or Negativland. More akin to musique concréte than to "noise", expect moments of highly unsettling intensity and frantic complexity.

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