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ccc@HELLsinki-&-komikazen or how Portuguese and Italians work together...

Chili Com Carne editions and other great Portuguese labels like Imprensa Canalha, MMMNNNRRRG [site not working due to server problems!] and Opuntia Books, will be sold at the Canicola stand in the Helsinki Comics Festival.
In October, Marcos Farrajota and Filipe Abranches will be present in Komikazen. They'll have a exhibition along with other artists and also other two Portuguese comics authors: with Janus and Marco Mendes.

European Comics Cartography
From the 12th to the 13th of October, the most important European comic writers of magazines and underground Festivals will be on show in Ravenna.

On Friday, the 12th of October, the 3rd International Festival of Reality Comics will open with a workshop involving authors and promoters coming from all over Europe. Authors of well-known magazines like Strapazin (Switzerland), Babel (Athens), Glomp (Finland), Chili Com Carne (Portugal) and new self-productions coming from new members of the EU, like Romania, active with the magazine Hard Comics and with various festivals, will participate at the meeting at the Albergo Cappello in Ravenna. For the first time in Italy, there will be the young authors of Stripoteka, a Bosnian collective based in Sarajevo. It will be a very important day to closely get to know stories and projects of European Magazines editors and to organize a common plan for the future (authors exchange, exhibitions…). The participation in the event is open to the public upon registration.

The Festival highlight will be on Saturday the 13th of October, with the opening of the collective exhibition European Comics Cartography at the Museo Nazionale of Ravenna. This prestigious institution hosts an exhibit of about 50 European authors working in all the invited magazines. The exhibit opens up to a virtual journey, through the youth imaginary, in Europe, a country that widened its borders allowing the flow of comics’ styles and stories.

At 3.30 p.m. there will be the meeting with the author of Martin Luther King, Ho Che Anderson: this Canadian author will present the book, published in Italy with Becco giallo in the Mirada gallery, and will show his original plates at the Biblioteca Classense. A masterly biographical work, which closely follows the light and shade of the Afro-American leader and points out how everyone seems to have forgotten about the political lab of non-violent conflicts. Considered the most important Graphic Novel after Maus, it is a book that touches the boundaries of the political essay, the annotated biography and the novel.

At 7 p.m. on Saturday the 13th, there will be the prize giving of the GAER (Giovani Artisti dell'Emilia Romagna) selection, comics’ section 2007 in the exhibition room of the Assessorato Politiche Giovanili. The commission chose Marino Neri (Modena) and Leonardo Guardigli (Massa Lombarda - Ravenna) as the young authors whose works will be published (Kappa Edizioni and Centro Fumetto Andrea Pazienza). On show there will be 10 authors coming from Emilia Romagna.

In the same room there will be the exhibition Honey Talks, organized by the Slovenian magazine Stripburger and promoted by the Slovenial Cultural Department. A work in between comics and anthropology. The decorated beehives of the Slovenian beekeepers inspire the original plates. Anke Feuchtenberger, Danijel Zezelj, Rutu Modan, Matthias Lehmann and many others artists took part in the project.

At midnight the collective from Marseilles Le Dernier Cri, will inaugurate at the Mirada gallery, with absinth tasting and live music. The Stakhanovites of limited edition books create a wild chaos of anomalous esthetic. On show and on sale their original serigraphies, the latest fashion.

The 13th of October festival events will intersect the Notte d’Oro Festival, organized by the Ravenna Municipality and by the city centre shopkeepers. Artists will go around town to draw books, show videos and surprises and Ravenna will be an open city until dawn.

The exhibitions will stay open until the 15th of November, except for the Dernier Cri that will close the 6th of November.

For the closing of the Festival “L'uomo cane suda olio” – personal exhibit by Stefano Ricci, opening the 10th of November at the Mirada gallery. Stefano Ricci is in Ravenna for a project with Ravennateatro.

For biographies and information about the festival, the authors on show and guests contact:

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