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Crack On : Ponti Comix Anthology ESGOTADO!

antologia internacional de bd produzida no âmbito do festival Crack

Volume 6 da Colecção CCC ... ISBN: 978-989-95447-4-1 ... Capa: Jucifer - Contra-capa: Marzia Dalfini ... Editado por Marcos Farrajota (CCC) e Valerio Bindi com Giusy Noce e Cecilia Agostini (Crack) ... Design: José Feitor

Participantes: MP5, To/let, Federica del Proposto, Lise & Talami, Tsó, Massimiliano Bomba, Onze, Fabrizio Lascimmia & Bombo, Vincento Filosa, Fréres Guedin, Craoman, Maya Mihindou, Markus Nyblom, Valerio Bindi, Aleksandar Zograf, Marcus Ivarsson, André Lemos, José Feitor, Jucifer, João Chambel, Bruno Borges, Marcos Farrajota, João Maio Pinto, Rafael Gouveia, Miguel Carneiro, Marco Mendes, Lucas Almeida, Pedro Zamith, Sílvia Rodrigues, Anna Ehrlemark, Nina Bunjevac e Ricardo Martins

A tiragem deste livro foi na sua maioria para Itália, ficando só cerca de 150 exemplares para "Portugallo" tendo esgotado - alguns exemplares podem ser ainda encontrados nas seguintes lojas: 100ª Página (Braga), CDgo.com (Porto), Carpe Diem (Lisboa) e Mundo Fantasma (Porto). O livro também pode ainda ser pedido à Forte Pressa - sabemos que também há poucos exemplares em Itália - ou o miolo pode ser descarregado como PDF gratuito nessa mesma página.

Historial: lançado no festival Crack (Roma) e na Feira Laica (Lisboa) em 2009 ...

Feedback: uma boa referência arquivística Ler BD ... the intensity of the language, art and movement is enveloping. It’s a compelling read, and one that I was forced to finish in one sitting. Last Hours O melhor da BD nacional vem num volume colectivo. Sinal dos tempos. João Chambel


Editorial de Valerio Bindi

Each year, we ask ourselves..will we do another Crack festival?
Well, its not really like that. For us, its a question of what we’re asking ourselves every day about loving the life we’re living, or the people that we share our desires with. You can answer these questions in one way or another, in every single moment and from the opposite side. The story of crack, this festival in which neither exhibits which neither sells nor is sold. We’ve been here all along getting material together from the various contributors, cleaning the cells of our squatted fortress. But this story doesn’t belong to us anymore: it belongs to the network that continues to grow and evolve. Crack is a process, a movement, and one which we are sure generates a radicant and ever expanding energy, permanently unstable.

Although, maybe it’s not so much a case of how and when Crack started. As capital collapses in old, dark Europe, in the sinister creaking of the ship, a new scene in comix is emerging. But watch out, this time, its not about the cult of the author, nor the aesthetic obsessions, nor the autobiography from another nerd in sneakers’. This time, its brut-comic, nervous and close to languages and real images. Our comics come from unique perspectives, searching for a mainframe, for a new system of encoding. Well, if they want to say that comics are dead, we would like to affirm that they are alive and kicking. Put words and images on paper and throw plasma trackers. In this battle, we are the ones illuminating your dead, fucked-up night sky.

We’ll see then, that in the meantime, we’re looking further into the horizon. Ponti number 2 sees that connection drawn in black and white, on a passage from East to West, from the wandering productions of Chili Com Carne, the Portuguese collective. We’ll keep pushing ahead and we won’t stop. This time, let’s CRACK ON!

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