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Outside with the cuties @ Good Press

Reading Pita's work is like having one of those dreams where everything is totally normal and completely surreal at the same time. Secretive and sweet, the comics shift with uncertainty driven by the movement of the drawing. A mysterious force is at work! 
Disa Wallander

Mariana Pita turns the ordinary into the extraordinary. Her stories are about small adventures and days at the beach where familiar situations and characters get mixed up with strange and unexpected details. Outside with the Cuties is like a dream that twists memories from past summers. 
Joana Estrela 

Mariana Pita makes drawings, paintings, comics, music, and animation. She has been developing some incredible work in the last few years, followed by a small but enthusiastic group of people. Her comics may look cheerful and lighthearted at first sight but her characters and narratives are often quite deep and odd, sometimes even dark. 

OUTSIDE WITH THE CUTIES is an attempt to present Mariana Pita's best work to a bigger audience. It collects comics produced from 2013 to 2017 originally published in various outlets as well as several unpublished works.

Co-published with O Panda Gordo and support of IPDJ

  • 112 pages, 
  • 17,30x24,3 cm 
  • offset printing, 
  • hardcover, 
  • all content in English and Portuguese

  • Buy at Chili Com Carne online shop, O Panda Gordo (UK), Quimby's (USA), Neurotitan (Germany), Ugra Press (Brazil), Desert Island (New York), Orbital Comics (London), Le Bal des Ardents (Lyon), Good Press (Glasgow)...


    (...) Pita’s drawing is fascinating, an attractive warbling woolly mess. (...) the whole comic feels spontaneous and alive. (...) In “A Day” we see two young people spend time at the beach before going off to do a job that defies explanation. Both comics are imaginative and wistfully fun, setting the stage for a book that is cute and weird. (...) her work exudes a sense of mystery and unfamiliarity. Outside With The Cuties is an odd physical object (...) The effect is like finding a zine wedged inside of a larger book, an effect I found charmingly appropriate. (...) Overall I am enchanted by Mariana Pita and her work. These comics are joyful and strange, like a flower blooming at night. (...) introduces English-speaking readers to a cartoonist whose work feels essential and timely; I recommend this initial collection to you wholeheartedly. 

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