quinta-feira, 6 de junho de 2019


Cover - Hetamoé

Sketch - Sofia Neto
Still with burning fingers from the bonfire, Sofia Neto, Silvia Rodrigues, Hetamoé and Amanda Baeza grubbed up carbonized remains of old stories. 
And they say 
"We are not looking for treasures or answers."
Oh! Their efforts and wanderings may seem so futile! Purposeless at first, and even their flesh garments meaningless! But look further. Yes. Look thoughtfully. Even without a battle or mission there is an incorporeal ambition in them. They know that nothing rises from rotten bodies.

Maybe you still can find some copies @ Ediciones Valientes (Spain), Fat Bottom Books (Barcelona), Orbital (London), Quimby's (Chicago), Seite (Los Angeles) and Floating World (Portland)

Released in Alt Com Festival [Malmö, Sweden] ... supported by IPDJ & Alt Com

read it all here:

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É assim mesmo!

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muito fixe. parabens!