quinta-feira, 21 de junho de 2012


Back on Crack!!! This time Chili Com Carne invited a special MMMNNNRRRG guest, Neuro, who will built a spaceship in the venue for our books. Marcos Farrajota will be present to show you the best books published in Portugal.
As part of “The Church” crew from Timisoara, Neuro (b. 1980) began by recycling Romanian orthodox priestly garments, to create iPod and mobile phone covers, as well as making covers for cigarette packs and lighters out of holy robes, still smelling of frankincense and myrrh. In 2007 he made the cover of Omagiu Remix Culture Magazine. He is participating at the Timisoara Student Festival and draws for the KF art space in Arad, as well as for other venues. In 2008 he made the cover for the Aooleu illustrated newspaper and, together with The Church, participated in the “Crooked Days” dance festival at the National Dance Centre in Bucharest. Introduced in the “100 to watch”, a collection of Romanian contemporary artists, as well as the Romanian Visual Survey, Neuro had several solo and group exhibitions in Romania as well as Denmark, where he is currently living. Most recently, he was selected among other Romanian artists for the alternative comics The book of George, presented at the Angouleme Festival in 2011, and his first solo book was published by Portuguese label MMMNNNRRRG, Neuro-Trip.

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